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All tools are made from select hardwoods. These may include exotic woods.

Some are made from locally harvested trees.

The wood is finely sanded and has an oil finish to show the beauty of the natural color and grain. Each piece is hand-rubbed to a mellow glow and a silky smoothness.


This is a CD Drop Spindle Kit. The spindle has a finely tapered shaft of oak, cherry, or walnut, a steel wire hook, and double CD whorl. It comes with a length of roving and two pages of illustrated spindle spinning instructions from Interweave Press.   $12.00






If you spin very thin yarn in small amounts or want to make samples this is the niddy-noddy for you. It will make a 24 skein when on the niddy-noddy which winds up into a 5 twisted skein and is ideal for crewel yarns or for dyeing small quantities of yarn. The shaft is maple and the bars are made in a variety of woods. Can be ordered in dark to light shades.  $12.00







A nostepinne is a Swedish ball winder. It fits easily into you knitting or spinning basket so that it is always handy when you need to remove yarn from your bobbin or wind a ball from a skein in preparation for knitting. It is between eight and twelve inches long, can be held at either end, may be turned with a handle or with a smooth taper from end to end, and with or without a grove at the tip. Can be ordered in different woods.       $20.00







Smooth and flat with tapered edges, shuttles come in two sizes, 8 and 4. They are made for use in tapestry weaving but may be used in other types of weaving as well. Although very lightweight both have the capacity to hold quite a bit of yarn. The weaving needles are the answer when you are working with very short lengths of yarn or small areas of color. It easily slips through the warp threads. Shuttles are light woods, needles are a variety of woods: ash, maple, birch, cherry, and mahogany. Shuttles: $5.00 and $7.00     Weaving Needles $5.00