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As a child I was encouraged to follow my creative muse. My dad was an art teacher so I had ample opportunity to indulge myself. We went to craft shows, to specialty shops, to theatrical productions and explored many creative avenues. I owe much to both my parents for their special gifts. 

Over the years I have demonstrated many crafts and taught a variety of workshops in schools, camps, shops, and at events and festivals.  

My focus at the present time is geared mainly toward the fiber arts but you can see in the listing that follows it is not limited to fiber arts.

Color Workshop 1—Getting Comfortable With Color 

Explores the color wheel and general rules relating to color: value, hue, Contrast, Basic Color Schemes, Using Color and Pattern, Texture, and more.       

Color Workshop 2— Making Color Work For You 

An expansion of Color Workshop 1, further exploration of value, contrast, color mixing, color relationships and color personalities.          

Tapestry 1 

In this class the students warp a simple frame loom and learn tapestry techniques by weaving a sampler, getting comfortable with a variety of tools. Discussion of materials, the  variety of looms and weaving styles.

Tapestry 2 

A continuation of Tapestry 1 in which the students develop their own design using previously learned techniques. Discussion of color usage and additional techniques. 

Spinning On A Drop Spindle 

Students learn how to draft fiber, spin a yarn, work toward producing a consistent yarn, how to ply, and how to wind yarn in a ball on a nostepinne. Discussion of different fibers and fiber preparation included. 

Getting Fleeced 

Elements of what makes a good fleece, different types of fleece, fiber preparation techniques including skirting, methods of washing, drying, and storage of fleece, carding, and combing. 

Block Printing “A” 

Elementary workshop for youngsters of primary school age uses simple materials to create a printable design for making cards or wrapping paper. Use of natural materials may be included. Students learn registration, inking and pressing techniques.

Block Printing “B” 

Students learn to cut a block using a variety of tools and materials to create a reproducible design. Multiple block designs and color blending are introduced. 

Mask Making 

A little history of mask making, techniques of construction. Tailored to age group. 

Quilting 1 

Elements of beginning quilting for different age groups. Use of single block, sashing, appliqué, and use of color. 

Quilting 2 

Expanding quilting skills, use of multiple blocks and borders, use of pattern and color to enhance your project. 

Beginning Knitting

Learn the basic stitches, how to read a pattern, and make a simple hat. Cast on, knit, purl, increase, decrease, and bind off. Simple finishing techniques. Explore skills needed to knit a project of choice.